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Keto-873 Processor

The new KETO 873 processor is designed for processing larger trees in demanding conditions of North America
and elsewhere. Keto 873 is the latest model of Keto product family. This 3360kg/7400lb head can be installed on
30+ ton tracked base machines.

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1020 mm

Felling diameter

860 mm

Delimbing diameter

3000 kg

Maximum tree weight

200 kW

Engine power of base machine

Technical data

  • Height in processing position3080 mm
  • Width in open position1970 mm
  • Width in closed position1600 mm
  • Length in processing position2370 mm
  • Depth in felling position1700 mm
  • Weight3360 kg
  • Felling diameter1020 mm
  • Delimbing diameter860 mm
  • Delimbing knives4

  • Maximum working pressure260 bar
  • Recommended pump capacity300-380 l/min
  • Saw bar length40"
  • Feeder typeTracks
  • Feed force39.3 kN
  • Maximum tree weight3000 kg
  • Maximum feed speed5.5 m/s
  • Engine power of base machine200 kW

Compatible measuring devices