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Keto-51 Eco LD3

The new harvester is excellent for young wood and older thinning stands. It is very handy, it cuts efficiently and it can even handle big logs with precision. Its precision is better than before and the results of thickness measurements are exact. The harvester’s most important new features are a fixed sawing unit and a third delimbing knife in the grab frame. Thanks to the metal protective plate in the tilt, the space between the stump end and the harvester is kept clean automatically.

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370 mm

Felling diameter

320 mm

Delimbing diameter

700 kg

Maximum tree weight

70 kW

Engine power of base machine

Technical data

  • Height in felling position1220 mm
  • Height in processing position1500 mm
  • Width in open position900 mm
  • Width in closed position850 mm
  • Length in processing position1220 mm
  • Depth in felling position1000 mm
  • Weight585 kg
  • Felling diameter370 mm
  • Delimbing diameter320 mm

  • Maximum working pressure250 bar
  • Recommended pump capacity160 l/min
  • Saw bar length18"
  • Feeder typeTelaketju
  • Feed force18 kN
  • Maximum tree weight700 kg
  • Maximum feed speed4 m/s
  • Engine power of base machine70 kW

Compatible measuring devices