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Keto-500 HS

This harvester head, which was originally designed for heavy final felling operations, has been in our product range for 25 years. Keto-500HS is especially suitable for use with excavators and large forest machines.

600 mm

Felling diameter

600 mm

Delimbing diameter

1600 kg

Maximum tree weight

150 kW

Engine power of base machine

Technical data

  • Height in felling position1820 mm
  • Height in processing position2250 mm
  • Width in open position1400 mm
  • Width in closed position1180 mm
  • Length in processing position1520 mm
  • Depth in felling position1200 mm
  • Weight1360 kg
  • Felling diameter600 mm
  • Delimbing diameter600 mm

  • Delimbing knives3
  • Maximum working pressure210 bar
  • Recommended pump capacity300 l/min
  • Saw bar length25"
  • Feeder typeTelaketju
  • Feed force30 kN
  • Maximum tree weight1600 kg
  • Maximum feed speed3.8 m/s
  • Engine power of base machine150 kW

Compatible measuring devices